Choon Hin Environmental Sdn Bhd
Choon Hin Environmental Sdn Bhd specialized in design, fabrication and construction of effluent treatment and polishing systems. Our wide-ranging experience in waste water treatment includes specialized industrial discharge treatments, high rate treatment processes, biological filtration systems and packed tower treatment systems. We have our own R & D and engineering facilities, good laboratory supports. We can offer comprehensive services and advice for our clients.

Over the years, we have developed a proprietary effluent treatment and polishing process especially suitable for the treatment of palm oil mill effluent to ensure compliance to discharge requirements.

Our BioFlow® System treatment technology has gone through extensive field tests and system refinements. It has now becoming an established process most suitable for upgrading and retrofitting all existing wastewater treatment facilities in palm oil mills to improve treatment efficiency, or to increase loading capacity, without the needs for high capital outlays and extensive engineering.

Due to regulatory requirements or increased flow rate as a direct result of increased production, the need for effluent treatment system upgrade is a common problem for palm oil mills. The BioFlow® System is the ready solution for such situations. Most wastewater treatment plants can be upgraded with BioFlow® treatment without any interruption to the day-to-day operation and production schedule of the factories.

The BioFlow® System has a small "foot-print". It can easily fit into whatever area available in your mill or factory. The end result is a significant increase in effluent treatment efficiency without the need for extensive, high priced improvements to plant design.

Should you encounter effluent discharge problems in your production process, please talk to us. We shall find a cost effective and totally viable solution to help you fulfill the requirements stipulated by the environmental protection authorities in your area.


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